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As an innovator of transformative therapies and drug delivery in the upper nasal cavity, we seek to use our expertise in drug delivery in the upper nasal cavity to devote ourselves to the development of a series of innovative drugs and improved new drugs for neurological diseases to meet the disease of the central nervous system. Patient needs. We seek partnerships with those who share our expertise in the development and commercialization of CNS drugs.

Join The Industry:

1、Metis Company, artificial intelligence drives "preparation optimization" technology into shares:
"Jingtai Technology" platform, MIT continuous medicine entrepreneurs team led by academicians of the American Academy of Engineering
2、The chief commissioner of high-pressure microjet, as the person in charge of production;
With more than ten years of experience in the industrial production of nanometer preparations, he has invested in and constructed small-scale and pre-pilot production lines in the Nasal-Phyto Pingshan production base.
3、 25 years of industry experience senior registrar to join full-time;
Experience in the registration of nearly 100 kinds of raw materials, inhaled preparations and drugs for neurodegenerative diseases, and rich experience in drug registration in China, the United States and Europe.

Nasal-Phyto Construction of nasal and cerebral drug delivery platform

● Relying on the base of "shenzhen rossman international institute of translational medicine","Nasal-Phyto nasal and brain drug delivery pharmacology research laboratory" was established to continuously develop product pipeline;
● The world's first "small animal intelligent nasal integrated drug delivery system", to fill the international gap, to assist the development of new nasal preparations;
● Nanning, guangxi was founded “Nasal-Phyto Primate nose and brain drug delivery laboratory”,Cynomolgus monkey was used to study the brain targeting property of nasal preparation.