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Technical Research

Nasal-Phyto Pharmaceutical is a global leading innovative drug and new dosage form pharmaceutical technology company. It is committed to building a world-class "brain science application transformation platform" to provide new treatments for a series of brain diseases. The founding team of Nasal-Phyto Pharmaceuticals comes from Hong Kong University School of Medicine, Duke University's Department of Biomedical Engineering and other internationally renowned institutions. It has built and co-built a neurotrophic drug screening platform, neurophysiological and pathological platform, intelligent targeted drug delivery platform, and nanomaterial And diagnostic technology platform. At present, the company has declared two innovative drugs and technology patents, and independently developed the world's first small animal intelligent integrated nasal drug delivery device. The exclusive patented device can realize preclinical drug efficacy research and assist new drug research and development. Prospects of domestic and foreign markets. Nasal-Phyto Pharmaceutical's biomedical engineering R & D team is developing a precision drug delivery device for clinical applications, which will provide greater adaptability and safety for patients with brain diseases in the future.

The invention discloses a carrier-free nasal nanometer preparation brain targeted delivery system modified by chitooligosaccharide and a preparation method thereof.The preparation method of the brain targeted delivery system of the nasal nanometer preparation is also provided. The invention has a simple preparation method, which can improve the hydrophobicity, reduce toxicity and enhance the neuroprotective effect of small-molecule drugs. The preparation method of the brain targeted delivery system of the nasal nanometer preparation is also provided.There was no carrier, no biodegradation problem and no accumulation toxicity, the drug loading rate was up to more than 25%, and the drug was well absorbed through the membrane after chitosan oligosaccharide modification, and the drug was delivered into the brain with high targeting.

Published Articles and Poster Presentations

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Scientific Support

Shi xuemin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and master of Chinese medicine

Yi-Ling Wu,Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering、Yi-Ling pharmacy chairman

Li Dapeng,Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering、Zhejiang kangte pharmaceutical co. LTD

Xiao-bo Sun,Director, institute of medicinal plants, Chinese academy of medical sciences

Xianzheng Zhang, Distinguished professor of changjiang scholars、National outstanding youth

Jian-Gang Shen , Professor, faculty of medicine, university of Hong Kong、Vice President, school of traditional Chinese medicine

Prof.Omid Farokhzad,Harvard University

Prof.Jinjun Shi,Harvard University